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Why else? You’re a investor and you want to read about compelling investment pitches by other people. Duh. Most ideas take between 4-5 days to a month to flesh out thoroughly.

But seriously, for you, “what do you find compelling and how can I benefit” is what it’s all about.

Writing helps me hammer out ideas and interact with people who give a damn.

What I gain is clarity and what you gain is opportunity without having put your own time, effort, and money into researching.

I do this and fully expect everyone to do this to some degree if they’re individual investors. It’s one of the best ways bar none to earn free leverage off of other people’s efforts (of course, you must supplement it with your own thoughts and be able to discern if a thesis is lacking.)

I write as often as I can on investing ideas I find compelling and I bucket my approach mainly into two different “styles”.

  1. Insider Buys: I buy companies with perhaps improving prospects by first looking at insider data. I mainly look for clustered, large (compared to yearly compensation) purchases, and high inside ownership. Ideally, the company is cheap, debt free, and paired with management that gives a damn about shareholder value (characterized by management owning large chunks of the company and still buying more). Companies in this bucket are often $300m market cap or less, though not always.

  2. Hold Forever: Quoting Buffett is tripe but true. The best kind of wealth creation a company that can earn big returns on capital with a large reinvestment opportunity/runway. There’s just nothing else quite like it. These are the kind of companies I hope to pass down ownership of (of the shares) to my children, grandchildren, or even to be held in a trust for future generations, and if my line dies out, for the people who need it most. Companies in this bucket typically are larger companies (or small fast growing ones) with owner operators (link here explains it well) at the helm. Most of them have long histories of good or above average returns on capital and will foreseeably be able to continue doing so for the far future. They may or may not pay a dividend. The focus here is to ascertain moats, quantitatively and qualitatively and then to take up a position and almost never let go.

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This is not investment advise. I am not a qualified “financial advisor”. -insert boilerplate-. You’re an adult. I trust you to be able to make your own decisions. My investing pattern may not fit yours. My investment decisions may not be open at all times. I might buy or sell options or open and close positions with or without leverage without ever informing anybody - as is my right. This blog serves to simply educate.